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Booster Pumping

Booster Pumping

Valves in pumping / booster pumping stations play an important and vital role in protecting high-cost and operational equipment, including pumps, prime movers, control & measurement systems etc. Failure of valves will not only lead to a process shutdown but also could potentially result in the destruction of vital infrastructure. As differential pressure is inherent to the pumping station process, noise, vibration and cavitation will be persistent challenges that need to be overcome.

Suction piping valves :

  • A Gate valve will be installed in the suction piping so that the pump can be isolated from the line.
  • Butterfly valves will not be installed in pump suction piping.

Discharge piping valves :

  • A Non-return valve and a Gate or Butterfly valve will be installed in the discharge piping with the Non-return valve between the pump and the gate valve. The Non-return valve will protect the pump from excessive back pressure and prevent liquid from running backwards through the pump in case of power failure. To avoid water-hammer, which is likely to be caused by the closure of the valve, the valve may be provided with an anti-slam device, which may be either a lever and dead-weight type, or a dash pot type.
  • The Gate or Butterfly valve will be used to isolate the pump and Non-return valve for maintenance purposes. Isolation valves would be needed to isolate those pumps too, which are to be idle. At times, actuators are used for automation of these valves.
  • Pressure relief valve (PRV) : PRVs commonly diaphragm activated globe or angle type, will be installed in discharge piping system for flow control and/or pressure regulation, and to protect pump equipment and piping system from excessive surge pressures which could exceed the ratings of system components.
  • Air release and vacuum relief : Air release and vacuum relief valves will be used on discharge piping for vertical turbine pumps.

SIGMAFLOW offers a wide range of these valves, dismantling joints etc. that are best suited for a trouble-free performance of the pumping stations.

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