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Dismantling Joint

Dismantling Joint

Dismantling Joint is a double flanged fitting that allows longitudinal adjustment in flanged pipe systems. They play a decisive role in the design and layout of pipelines and valves. They are an essential aid during the installation and removal of pipe sections and valves. They provide greater flexibility at both the planning and installation stages of flanged piping systems.
The Dismantling Joint is particularly suitable for simplifying the installation and removal of:

  • Isolation valves
  • Non return valves
  • Flow metering equipment
  • Pump sets
  • Pressure reducing valves
  • Flanged pipe and fittings

SIGMAFLOW Dismantling Joint applications are seen at Pumping stations, water treatment and sewage treatment plants, plant rooms, meter chambers, power generation equipment and gas distribution stations.

Salient features and benefits of SIGMAFLOW dismantling joints :

  • Longitudinal adjustment
    Depending on diameter, longitudinal adjustments do vary. Once the required length is achieved, the Dismantling Joint can be locked at that length with the tie bars. This longitudinal adjustment allows fast and simple maintenance of valves, pumps etc. and simplifies future piping modifications, if required. This results in reduced down time and also eliminates the need for more complex anchoring systems.
  • Ease to install
  • Proper sealing ensured as the gasket is compressed to the required torque.
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