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Flood Control Unit

Flood Control Unit

Flood control consists of either providing the ability to remove excess water from flood-prone areas during storm events or providing adequate storage space for excess water during periods of heavy rain.

  • The first approach uses large pumping stations to evacuate extra water.
  • The second approach uses canals, large water mains and other approaches to keep water contained until it can be naturally released. As water rises in these structures, many discharge lines that are normally well above the water level may suddenly find themselves deeply submerged. It is important, therefore, to protect all discharge lines in a flood control basin with reliable backflow prevention.

SIGMAFLOW offers anti-backflow valves in flood prevention. Drains can be overwhelmed by storm water during the flood time, which can lead to backflow in the drainage system. Non return valve with a single flap can prevent water backing up the drain pipe and flooding the city or town.

SIGMAFLOW non return valves meet flood control needs perfectly because of their low head loss, rubber construction and proven design. Available in sizes up to 1800 NB, SIGMAFLOW non return valves are the best available technology for backflow prevention in flood control systems.

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