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Installation Support

Installation Support

Valves of all materials and seat types are easy to use and long lasting when they are installed and maintained correctly. The installation technique varies slightly for different end connections but the other instructions remain the same.

Storage condition (before installation) :

  • To protect the seat and seals do not unpack the valves until they are ready for installation. By doing this you are protecting the valve from dust and debris which may eventually cause seat damage / leakage.
  • If storing for a longer period of time, valves should be kept in a cool well-ventilated space.

Salient points during Installation :

  • Different valves have different orientation for installation.
  • Verify the material of the valve, seat and disc before installation. Ensure that there are no defects caused during storage or transportation.
  • Complete all welding works before valve installation and be sure the flanges have cooled to ambient temperature before installing the valve using the appropriate gasket.
  • Before installation, ensure there is no welding residue, waste, rust or other debris in the pipe. Wash with water or a mild detergent, if needed.
  • Ensure there is no warpage of the flange or misalignment of the valve in relation to the flange. This is the most common cause of valve problems where it is not aligned with the flange/pipe correctly. For big size valves, support the valve to reduce load on the piping assembly.
  • Tighten the bolts one at a time doing it in stages, so that even pressure is applied and a sealing is formed between the valve, gasket and flanges.
  • Once the installation is complete, operate the valve several times to ensure it has not moved during installation.
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