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Project Support

Experienced engineers know that designing a water hydraulic system is no easy task. Planning ahead for valve selection, leakage and maintenance will help ensure the long-term safety and reliable performance of the water supply or utility system. Important aspects are :

  • Select the ideal water valve

Moving water at high pressure through valves and other system components presents several unique challenges. Understanding the full range of the system’s operating parameters will help the engineer select the best water application valve for the system and overcome these challenges.

  • Choose the proper materials of construction

Materials of construction have long-term impacts on the performance of the valves and the overall system. When choosing water application valve materials, several factors need to be considered.

At initial stages of a valve selection, SIGMAFLOW can offer consultancy services designed to ensure correct product specification. This is accompanied by necessary site surveys, if and where required. Post the delivery, assistance during installation and commissioning is also rendered, wherever requested for. We thus are able to control each part of the supply chain to ensure the highest standard quality of product and services.

Members from SIGMAFLOW technical services team are trained to ensure the functionality of the valves over a long period and thus to guarantee the users maximum operational reliability. Technical knowledge of valves is the most important prerequisite for this. And yes, we have it.

Our experts know the valves from the actuator to the flow characteristics to the cavitation and can assess possible causes of malfunctions promptly.

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