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Water Resource Management

Water Resource Management

Water Resources Management is the process of planning, developing, and managing water resources, in terms of both water quantity and quality, across all water uses. It includes the institutions, infrastructure, incentives, and information systems. Obtaining clean drinking water from rivers, lakes, reservoirs or ground water is a basic prerequisite of life on earth.

Water Resource Management is one of the focus areas at SIGMAFLOW; be it providing supplying various conventional and control valves or executing electro-mechanical works in pumping stations and distribution networks.

Sigmaflow valves’ research and development department has a tradition of generating optimal and innovative solutions for the application of water control systems including water distribution networks, sewage treatment and disposal and irrigation systems.

Valves manufactured are conventional on-off type valves, control valves for automatic control and regulation of water systems, electric control for water system, air release and intake. Valves mainly help in regulating pressure, flow-rate in water systems controlling air flow into and out of water filled systems and prevention of water-hammer & surge risks.

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