Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant

Clean water is a valuable resource which is increasingly in short supply as the human need for water is constantly growing. In order to ensure the provision of drinking water for the population and agriculture, as well as water for energy production processes and industries, an increasing number of water treatment plant are being built. Water taken from rivers, lakes, wells or contaminated systems as well as for mechanical cleaning of waste water and further treatment. It is essential that water treatment facilities use the correct valves in their systems. Doing so ensures that piping systems operate consistently, effectively and safely, which prevents unnecessary maintenance. This is true for all types of water treatment, from controlling and regulating dirty sea or river water to producing high-purity water for pharmaceutical industries. Common valves used for water treatment include Gate valves, Butterfly valves and Check valves. Each valve has its specific uses and conditions it can operate under. To ensure the correct valve is used, it is important to know the applications each valve is suited to handle.

Valves generally used :
Butterfly valve : Upto 600 NB
Gate / Sluice valve : Upto 600 NB
Non-return valve : Upto 600 NB

Note :

  • Operation : Manual handwheel/lever, Gear arrangement, Pneumatic and Motorized actuator.
  • Extension spindles provided for specific cases, wherever required.

Gate valves
Gate valves are considered to be full-stop valves. Gate valves are designed to be positioned either on or off, which means they should not be used to adjust the pressure of the water flow because that will cause them to wear down too quickly. SIGMAFLOW offers both rising and non-rising spindle type Gate valves in a variety of MOC.
Butterfly valves
Butterfly valves are used to isolate or regulate the flow of water. They offer a cost-effective option in larger sizes because they are lighter and more compact than some other valves. Though Butterfly valves are fairly economical, they don’t handle slurry applications effectively. SIGMAFLOW provides an array of Butterfly valves for various sizes and duty conditions.
Check valves
Check valves, also known as non-return valves, are designed to prevent backflow in piping systems. This ensures that the system operates properly, and that damage is prevented from happening. SIGMAFLOW offers a wide range of non return valves to select from.
Shutoff valves
Shutoff valves are valves that shut off the flow within a piping system. In water treatment systems, all pumps and check valves need to have a shutoff valve that allows isolation of the system and maintenance of the lift station components. SIGMAFLOW resilient seated gate valves are widely used for this purpose.

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