SIGMA is proud to chart an individual course in Quality and Safety. SIGMA instituted a groundbreaking Quality Assurance Program, which ensures that every stage of our sourcing and production process adheres to the most stringent quality standards in the business.

SIGMA’s heat coding process is revolutionary in the industry. We stamp each item with manufacturing data so it is traceable back to its origin. By marking each product, we can track them for Quality Assurance, and in the event of a problem, identify every item from that batch.

Our products also undergo third party inspection on a regular basis.

SIGMA requires that every single valve be hydro tested before it is permitted to leave our factories. This means that each and every item we send to our customers has been physically tested to withstand the pressure that it will undergo after installation. This is SIGMA’s way of assuring our customers, distributors, partners, and end-users that ours are the safest and most reliable valves available in the market today.

Our Quality Standards are the highest in the industry because we demand it. Quality doesn’t just happen, it requires constant, deliberate, focused vigilance. And that is what SIGMA promises, each and every day.

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