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Valves play an important role in controlling the passage of fluid through pipes, and it’s common to ignore them until something goes wrong. But proper valve maintenance can go a long way in preventing problems from occurring in the first place.

Benefits of valve maintenance :

  • Reliability : The ability of a valve to operate or perform as expected, as and when required, is the biggest payback in a valve maintenance program
  • Extended life : Valves that are regularly operated last longer. Also, operation and maintenance costs are always less than cost of untimely valve replacement.

Components of a valve O&M program :

  • Identify all valves in the supply and distribution system
  • Note condition of valve and gears / actuators
  • Identify problematic valves and schedule necessary repairs / rectification
  • Operate the valves from fully open to fully closed positions
  • Maintain detailed records for each valve (i.e. operating direction, no. of turns, condition of valve components, location coordinates, leakage, if any, etc.)
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