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Pipe couplings can be used almost anywhere where there is a pipe or pipes to connect. These products
are used to join two pipes or tube spigot ends. Couplings are designed to be connected to pipes of different materials They can be used to connect metal to metal pipes, metal to plastic, and plastic to plastic.

SIGMAFLOW pipe couplings are designed to accommodate plain ended pipes with different outside diameters. One Coupling is able to connect a wide variety of pipe materials including Ductile Iron, Steel, Cast Iron, PVC, GRP and Asbestos cement amongst others. All products are designed to have a test pressure of PN16 for water.

Advantages of Pipe Couplings over traditional Pipe Joining methods :

  • Speed of Installation resulting very short construction and down time
  • Ease of use; Removable and reusable
  • Light weight and thus require less manpower
  • Compensate for:
    • axial shifts
    • pipe length changes
    • angular deflection
    • manufacturing and fitting tolerances
  • Easy repair, modification and refurbishment of existing plant
  • Minimal space required to store spare pipe couplings for emergencies or future projects
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