Technical Services and Consulting -



SIGMAFLOW offers customers and users the much needed technical and consultancy services right from the design stage that is aimed at identifying the correct product and deliver an optimal solution. Our knowledge of individual product performance and suitability allows customers to benefit from savings that may otherwise be overlooked as a result of inappropriate product selection.

With its’ team of technical expertise, SIGMAFLOW is able to advise customers and consulting houses at design stage regarding the selection and performance of products which not only lead to an improved system performance but also substantially reduce the OPEX in the long run.

SIGMAFLOW renders necessary training and technical consultancy as standard to users and customers. Onsite technical support can be offered within 24 hours, as and when required.

We understand the tremendous importance of right valve in the right place of the system and thus continually strives to ensure that the needs and reasonable expectations of the customer are realized in the quality of products and services it provides.

Our continuous involvement with valve technology has resulted in the development of reliable analytical models, design improvements, and innovative solutions to persistent valve problems that have caused havoc in the system at times. Our expertise spans from the conceptual stage through detail design, analysis, prototype development, testing, manufacturing; troubleshooting; and root cause analysis of valve problems.

Regardless of whether on-off valves, air valves, non-return valves, control valves or CART accessories, SIGMAFLOW know-how and expertise ensures fast fault-finding, root-cause analysis and necessary rectification, if any.

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