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Tapping Saddle

Tapping Saddle

Tapping saddles are used to install connections in new networks. These are essential for managing an intricate network of pipes’ applications like water supply or drainage/sewer system. Once mounted on a line, with the included rubber seal in place, all that is required is to turn it clockwise until it pierces the water line. When the handle can no longer be turned, it is done tapping the pipe. Turning the handle counter-clockwise opens it.

Tapping saddles are used for the installation of air valves in an already laid pipeline. This arrangement is absolutely leak-proof and saves on the cost of one air tee and one collar coupling. In general, tapping saddles have multiple applications. They can be used for:

  • Capping a gas line
  • Providing a connecting joint to pipes at bends and junctions
  • Establishing branch connections
  • Curbing issues like misalignment or leakage
  • Connecting and repairing sewage, drainage, and supply pipe networks
  • Sealing the vent piping supply systems

SIGMAFLOW Tapping saddles contain Ductile Iron outlet casting attached to the pipeline with high strength stainless steel straps. Casting is sealed to pipeline with O-ring seal. These are recommended for use on Ductile Iron, Steel, Cast iron, PVC, GRP and Asbestos cement amongst other pipes. All products are designed to have a test pressure of PN 16 for water. It can be used permanently on potable water pipelines. Stainless steel nuts and bolts and epoxy coating ensures long-term corrosion resistance.

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