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Pipe Accessories

Pipe Accessories

A pipe system not only involves pipes but also other components such as pipe fittings, expansion and flexible joints, strainers, valves, bolts, flanges, gaskets and supports. Pipe fittings serve several purposes that mainly involves joining two pipes through appropriate fittings to alter the flow of the fluids or distribute them to other pipes. The materials used for pipe fittings depend on the type of fluid and conditions under which they are being conveyed. In general, they mirror the materials used in the pipes they help to join.

SIGMAFLOW offers a wide array of pipe accessories :

  • Coupling
  • Flange adaptor
  • Repair clamp
  • Tapping saddle
  • Dismantling joint

Dismantling Joint


Tapping Saddle

Repair Clamp

Flange Adaptor

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