Quality Practices

Quality Practices

SIGMAFLOW make valves and accessories are used to ensure that water is distributed and regulated reliably from the source to the usage point. With a varied range of isolation, distribution and control valves, as well as various accessories and fittings for drinking water and wastewater systems, SIGMAFLOW plays an important role in ensuring the system performance.

We are deeply committed to find the best solutions for our customers and users in meeting the highest quality requirement. Our customers’ requirements in terms of quality as well as the normative pressure, have been a great opportunity for us to improve our practices and set apart from our counterparts.

Gate valves, Butterfly valves, Non-return valves, Air valves, Control valves and other accessories, SIGMAFLOW products can be found in major water works and pumping stations as well as in numerous other installations. SIGMAFLOW takes its responsibility seriously and sets high standards for all its corporate processes too.

SIGMAFLOW places the utmost importance on the reliability and functionality of its products. This means acting responsibly in everything we do. We maintain strong relationships with our customers, users, partners and employees. Reliability also means sound financial management and also stability of supply.

The system of quality and environmental management at SIGMAFLOW is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.  More than just a certification however, it is a real management tool used daily whether it be determining objectives per department, tracking the results of steering meetings and monitoring various processes. However, quality checking comes before the certifications and awards. It ensures the durability and functional reliability that you rightly expect from SIGMAFLOW.

At SIGMAFLOW, Quality control is concerned with three main categories:

  • Quality of raw materials
  • Quality of various components and bought-out items
  • Quality of finished products

Quality controls, however, should not be confused with quality assurance. The later ensures that the quality control and systems are in place to maintain the standards specified.

Important practices to ensure quality control:

  • Understanding the customer’s need and control of drawing
  • Supply Chain Management control
  • In-process inspection
  • Special Process control
  • Calibration of equipment and machines
  • Preventive and corrective action
  • Final inspection
  • Painting and packing
  • Clearance and dispatch
  • Periodic feedback from customer

SIGMAFLOW assures full traceability of its products through its system and work procedures. At any given moment, all the details of a product can be identified and / or traced back.

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