Water plays an important role in our daily lives.. Managing water properly will save water for generations to come.. With extensive design and support capability SigmaFlow India enjoys a competitive edge owing to exclusive technical association with Sigma Corporation, USA . We develop safe, advanced and comercially viable solutions in water and wastewater management, along with products for advanced waterwork systems...
Sigma Flow Control India Limited

Clean water is a valuable resource which is increasingly in short supply as the human need for water is constantly growing. In order to ensure the provision of drinking water for the population and agriculture, as well as water for energy production processes and industries, an increasing number of water treatment plant are being built.

A hydraulic system can only function as per requirements by using valves. Thus, a correct type of hydraulic valve can ensure the intended purpose. It is important to select the appropriate hydraulic valve, in terms of size and function, that suits application and the budget as well.

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